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Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

CAM02690With the polar vortex far behind us and an unusually late start to the summer, we are enjoying the outdoors while we can! 

In addition to our regularly scheduled shopping trips, we took an afternoon to soak in the sunshine with the adorable and amazing animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo The weather was beautiful, and the animals were out in full force, taking in some rays.

We got very lucky and arrived just in time to see the seal show! Watching the trainers feed the happy seals as they splashed around the rocks and ate fish was a real treat. We were even a little jealous that they were enjoying the water on such a warm day!  CAM02697

After that, it was off to see the big cats. They were all lounging around on the rocks, beautiful and powerful as they slept the afternoon away. Next, we visited the small animal house. It was a hoot! We saw the cutest little meerkats, naked mole rats, and tiny tarsiers, jumping tree to tree in the dark. Sharing the same house were snakes, lizards and toads of all types.

CAM02695We wandered and saw the flamingos and gazed at the apes. It was almost as if we were kids again and were spending the day at camp! 

By the end of the trip we were all hot, tired, and ready for a nap. *grins*

Residents will need to rest up as we prepare for the next round of the activities planned for this summer. We are ready to take advantage of all the good weather the city has to offer!


Night Lights

Most everyone knows that Chicagoans prize their outdoor space, since sometimes it’s hard to come by.

If you haven’t been on the Greenview garden terrace, you’re missing a treat. During daytime it is a lovely and comforting place to visit. You can spend time with fellow residents, view the city at large, watch summer campers from Saint Luke Academy play, or simply enjoy the weather while reading a book. As an extra special pleasure, you can even watch the rehearsal for the Chicago Air & Water show, as the fighter jets and cargo planes fly directly overhead in their routines.

Terrace at nightBUT, if you haven’t been on the Greenview terrace at night, you’ve simply got to visit us to see it. It is now an enchanting experience where you can gaze at the stars, enjoy the nighttime city views, or unwind and relax as you sip a drink of choice before bedtime.

Lighting has been installed on the terrace by our crack maintenance team, lead by Bill P. These lights afford visitors lighted pathways in addition to creating a delightful ambience that will serve as the background for frequent dances and other evening events.

We invite you to make the Greenview terrace your outdoor destination in the city!


As the date of my son’s first communion is approaching, I can’t help but think about traditions. I would venture a guests that all families have their own traditions. Within our society there are subcultures with their own traditions.

Angelo_Gemmi_rosette_3Traditions bring one in touch with an element of life to be experienced or celebrated. Traditions bond a group of people together creating lasting connections.

I see traditions being established here at Greenview Place as we are in the fifth year as a Supportive Living community. We’re creating events and happenings that connect our residents and staff together, making them a family.

Some of the wonderful events that have been held each year are the luau held every summer, which is a BIG hit with our residents. Hawaiian dancers, food and fun make it a most memorable summer afternoon. Our hugely popular Senior Health Fair occurs each September, and we welcome the public to the property. The Fair showcases Greenview at its finest, and gives an opportunit for residents and visitors alike to meet and talk to vendors who serve the senior living community. Rounding off the list is our fabulous Anniversary Party on tap in November. We celebrate the exciting day we first opened our doors in 2009.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to be a part of one of our Traditions! Stop by and give us a try.

It IS Easy Being Green!

Irish Americans make up one of the largest ethnic groups in Chicago. Though not everyone in Chicago is Irish, when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, we all can celebrate like the Irish! MC900444950

Here at Greenview Place, we’ll be hosting a plethora of activities designed to help residents celebrate the day of the Green.

All our Irish eyes will be smiling when Stu Frank comes to Greenview to sing live with us!  He will be performing all the classic St. Patrick’s Day songs we love as we observe this light-hearted occasion.

St Patricks Day ThirstAs a super yummy treat, we’ll be offering special St. Patty’s Day sundaes to residents. We have hot fudge sauce and grasshopper cookies to top mint chocolate chip ice cream.  It’s better than a pot-o-gold.

Then we’ll see if the luck of the Irish will be with us in the coming year as we welcome astrologist Sylvia Friedman! She will perform a show in which residents will find out what their luck has in store for them.

Get your green clothes ready, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day.

Will It Ever End?

I don’t know about you, but everyone at Greenview Place is tired of hearing about “a polar vortex” and, more importantly, experiencing it. We all have cabin fever! We have been cooped up so long it almost feels like there is no end to this weather assault.

But each time I approach Greenview Place, I revisit the words of wisdom from Samuel Ullman etched by our front door.


Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years.  We grow old by deserting our ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.  

(And check out the yucky, dirty snow that just won’t go away!) sunny

Understanding those words of wisdom, I know that a snow storm, while a challenge, should be experienced as an adventure. We need to be able to take pride in our ability to persevere and enjoy nature in all its forms. The same way aging can drain our reservoir of enthusiasm for new and challenging experiences, endless snow and cold can eat away at our positive outlook.

Wrinkles and all – we are on the wonderful adventure of life.  So let’s pick ourselves up, snow-brush ourselves off and get in touch with our ideals, enjoy our journey and reconnect with our spirit.

Spring is not far away.

Sweet Love

MP900438521Greenview Place is in the mood to celebrate love!

Last week we welcomed a Frank Sinatra impersonator with his Marilyn Monroe partner to perform a show on Valentine’s Day for our community members. Later this week, the After Dark Trio will be here for a Valentine’s dance. Residents, staff and family members will all get together to have a good time, listen to music, dance and celebrate.

Today, we decorated some heart-shaped sugar cookies. Residents got creative with pink and white icing.  They finished their masterpieces with pink crystal sugar and cinnamon sprinkles.  Some enjoyed their handiwork themselves; others shared their efforts with staff.  Some residents even assisted their neighbors by helping them decorate their cookies. MP900309088

Finally, we are topping off the week with a live flamenco show during lunch Friday. Residents will dine on carne, rice, beans, chips, and salsa while listening to the sounds of guitarist Thaigo Vasquez. Lunch will conclude with a decadent flan dessert.

By the end of the week, residents will be feeling the love and having some fun.

SLF Week is Coming

As hard to believe as it seems now, in just a few weeks, spring will be upon us.

One of the most exciting things about spring at Greenview Place is that it brings Supportive Living Week!  This is the special week set aside every year to celebrate and bring attention to the benefits of supportive living in Illinois.  Now in its seventh year under the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition, the theme for this year’s festivities is It’s a Wonderful Life. Women taking a picture of themselves

As part of our celebration here, Greenview will be hosting various activities the week of April 21 through the 25 with bowling tournaments, games, movie marathons and an open house celebration. As a part of the theme, we are collecting pictures of our residents from the past, to serve as our “then” pictures. We will also be doing makeovers, and taking “now” photos for a fun picture compilation. We think staff, residents, family and guests will get a kick out of seeing how the old and new pictures stack up!

Man FilmingIf you have a family member here and wish to send us a picture for the project, we would love to include it. Maybe you have a fantastic wedding photo, or a picture from a special birthday celebration? Did your family take a vacation and someone snapped a great moment? Or perhaps you just have a favorite snapshot captured at home.

Any style is welcome, so long as it features a Greenview Place community member living a wonderful life! Pictures are requested by March tenth for inclusion in the project.

Let the memories begin.

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