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Night Lights

Most everyone knows that Chicagoans prize their outdoor space, since sometimes it’s hard to come by.

If you haven’t been on the Greenview garden terrace, you’re missing a treat. During daytime it is a lovely and comforting place to visit. You can spend time with fellow residents, view the city at large, watch summer campers from Saint Luke Academy play, or simply enjoy the weather while reading a book. As an extra special pleasure, you can even watch the rehearsal for the Chicago Air & Water show, as the fighter jets and cargo planes fly directly overhead in their routines.

Terrace at nightBUT, if you haven’t been on the Greenview terrace at night, you’ve simply got to visit us to see it. It is now an enchanting experience where you can gaze at the stars, enjoy the nighttime city views, or unwind and relax as you sip a drink of choice before bedtime.

Lighting has been installed on the terrace by our crack maintenance team, lead by Bill P. These lights afford visitors lighted pathways in addition to creating a delightful ambience that will serve as the background for frequent dances and other evening events.

We invite you to make the Greenview terrace your outdoor destination in the city!



As the date of my son’s first communion is approaching, I can’t help but think about traditions. I would venture a guests that all families have their own traditions. Within our society there are subcultures with their own traditions.

Angelo_Gemmi_rosette_3Traditions bring one in touch with an element of life to be experienced or celebrated. Traditions bond a group of people together creating lasting connections.

I see traditions being established here at Greenview Place as we are in the fifth year as a Supportive Living community. We’re creating events and happenings that connect our residents and staff together, making them a family.

Some of the wonderful events that have been held each year are the luau held every summer, which is a BIG hit with our residents. Hawaiian dancers, food and fun make it a most memorable summer afternoon. Our hugely popular Senior Health Fair occurs each September, and we welcome the public to the property. The Fair showcases Greenview at its finest, and gives an opportunit for residents and visitors alike to meet and talk to vendors who serve the senior living community. Rounding off the list is our fabulous Anniversary Party on tap in November. We celebrate the exciting day we first opened our doors in 2009.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to be a part of one of our Traditions! Stop by and give us a try.

A Season of Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to share what makes me thankful to be a part of Greenview PlaceGP3

Sherry’s List of Love

Every morning I enjoy walking into such a beautiful building.

I am grateful to be a part of a team that serves our special population. I am thankful for Supportive Living Facilities that allow people to maintain independence while getting assistance.

Holiday MealI love walking into the dining room during mealtime and saying hello to the residents and being a part of the community that they create at Greenview Place. 

I am grateful to the families and friends who allow us to share in the care of their loved ones and the volunteers who give their time and energy to make the life of another richer. 

My gratitude also goes to my fellow service workers who assist in so many ways to make certain our residents have the care and attention they deserve. 

Finally, I am thankful that each and every one of us is granted another day on Planet Earth. 

A Drving Force

Last month, Greenview Place reached an amazing milestone for supportive living facilities – we reached 100% occupancy.  This was an extremely difficult task, but we did not waiver from our goal.  tango_face_smile_big

It was quite an accomplishment for all of us on the team here at Greenview Place – and this has meant a lot to me, as I have been here at Greenview since we opened the doors in November, 2009.

Imagine – we’re four years old!

DSC_0247I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Rebecca Drennan, our Marketing and Leasing Director.  She has been here with me since day one, and I believe it is her drive, her effort, and her hard work that has contributed greatly to reaching 100% occupancy. I have had the honor to stand beside her while she leased up the building and has continued to keep the occupancy rate consistently above 95%.

In addition to my recognition, she has been honored to receive the Top Hat Award from the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

We are so proud to have Becky – and I am so glad to be part of a great group of people here at Greenview. You should stop by and meet the crew, see what it’s like at this very special place.

Go Bananas!

We are always looking to improve the dining experience here at Greenview Place…

Each season we roll out a new menu filled with seasonal items. After the menu is unveiled, we look for what is popular among residents, and build off those ideas.

????????A favorite is always those dishes that harken back to our grandmother’s cooking. No matter where grandma was from, I bet she had few recipes you loved. Was your grandmother from Italy? Did she make a mean spaghetti and marinara or gravy? So does Greenview Place! Enjoy yours with garlic bread and broccoli.

Maybe your family was more into desserts? SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

A resident favorite is our homemade banana cake. Chef Lori has a fantastic recipe for banana cake that is so moist and it’s  filled with real bananas, and topped with an unbelievable from-scratch cream cheese frosting. Here Chef Lori is getting ready to make the frosting to top the freshly baked cake!

You want to know the secret to a flavorful banana cake? Freeze overripe bananas and thaw them to use in the batter. You heard it here first.

Valentine’s Day Celebration!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe have activities and events everyday at Greenview, but some days here are especially fun.  For example, Valentine’s Day is a very big event here.  We celebrated the love day in many ways. There were heart-shaped cookies to decorate; Bob and Cecelia made special cookies to share with their spouses. The kindergarten class at Saint Luke Academy visited, and we all made some beautiful valentine cards.

Here residents John and Ray work with the students to create unique hand-made cards.  SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

After we had fun expressing our creative side with arts and crafts, we dolled ourselves up in preparation for the dance that night. Our Director of Wellness provided the supplies so that we could do makeovers. Each lady was given makeup to use, and Bonnie surprised them with a special gift tube of lipstick to use for the party. It was lip-smackin good!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERATo cap off the day, residents were invited to party the evening away at a dance featuring the After Dark Trio.  The band played a mix of classic love songs, as well as the favorites that everyone could boogie to. Residents and staff showed off their moves while the kitchen pumped out snacks and punch to keep guests refreshed. The room was decked out with hearts, streamers, lights and tulle.

It was a great party and we are so glad that so many residents, guests and friends could join us.  Thank you to everyone who made our special day possible.

So what are you waiting for? You want fun, frivolity, love and friendship? Come to Greenview Place!

Keeping healthy – we’ve got the skinny

Person Washing Hands with Soap in WashbasinDuring cold and flu season, it is extra important to do whatever we all can to stay healthy. To this end, we hosted an infection control meeting about a week ago. We wanted to do out part to keep our residents and team healthy. We shared Mayo Clinic tips on being aware of germ transmission, and here are the top two things the experts recommend.

Wash your hands. Sounds kind of basic, doesn’t it? But it’s essential. Thorough and frequent hand-washing is the best way to prevent many common infections. Scrub your hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers if soap and water aren’t readily available.

Contain your coughs and sneezes. This also is basic, but too many people don’t know or remember to do this. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. To avoid contaminating your hands, cough or sneeze into a tissue or into the inner crook of your elbow. Sleeves are a great accessory!

Keep these tips in mind you can make it through this season without getting sick! DSCF2058

We follow many precautions here at Greenview Place to maintain a healthy environment. We provide hand sanitizers in the lobby and in much of the common areas. In addition, the high-traffic spaces are wiped down regularly with anti-bacterial cleaning solutions to prevent spreading germs. Our clean-freak CFPs work hand-in-glove (no pun intended!) with our Maintenance team to keep the place sparkling.

Come see for yourself.


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