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Keeping it clean (no, we don’t mean what you think we mean)

Greenview Place is into shock and awe! Well, at least the germ-eradication kind. We’re routing out flu bugs and we’ve got a protocol to make any clean freak green with envy. Check this out!

We’re determined to minimize and prevent the spread of influenza and other easily-transmitted illnesses during this flu season.  Gabriel, our crack Maintenance Specialist – working with our amazing CFPs – is committed to providing a sparkling clean and non-germy environment for our residents, staff and friends. 

We are using Clorox germicidal towels to wipe down hallway hand rails, all door knobs, common area furniture, bathrooms, and elevator buttons.  We’ve been using the Clorox wipes for several months now and will continue to use them well into the spring season because, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “The timing of flu is very unpredictable and can vary from season to season. Flu activity most commonly peaks in the U.S. in January or February. However, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and continue to occur as late as May.” You can read more at the CDC website.
But rest assured, we’re on top of things here at Greenview.

Resident Council Meeting on 10/27/2011

John A. Ringhofer, President, Residents’ Council

The Board of the GREENVIEW PLACE RESIDENTS’ COUNCIL has invited Helen Armand, Ombudsman from the State of Illinois, to the regular monthly Council meeting on Thursday, October 27, at 3:00 PM.

Helen will explain what the Ombudsman Project is doing and what their role is in assisting residents, family and staff with our motto: “To Enhance the Resident’s Experience At GREENVIEW PLACE.”

As usual, all residents and family members are encouraged to attend. The Board also invited the management staff to attend and listen to Helen as well.

Greenview blog is back and it’s better than ever!

Hi, world! We’re thrilled to announce that the Greenview Place blog has had a facelift and is now more user-friendly than ever. We’ll have more content coming your way every week, showcasing the great events and happy residents we’re pleased to serve at Greenview.

Join us here every week – and be sure to comment regularly. See you soon!

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