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Greenview Maintenance Team says to Winter: “Bring It!”

We’re ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.  Our maintenance team has been diligently working throughout the months leading up to winter checking all the building mechanical systems.  To protect the beautiful landscaping in the courtyard, we’re using Green Scapes, an organic based alternative to salt which is much safer for sidewalks and the environment.  For added protection from the winter elements – to keep our green places green –  we’ve installed silt fencing throughout the courtyard and along Melrose Street.  

Building Engineer Bill Pickert makes sure that the courtyard is always cleared and clean.  “We share the courtyard with Saint Luke Academy so it’s very important that the walkway stays clean, not only for our residents but also for the kids.” Bill and Gabriel are religious about it. *grins*

Our team is top notch – and they’ve been gearing up for the last two months.

Mother Nature, Father Winter, whoever’s out there, we’re ready.


Tweet Tweet………Greenview Place Gets an Aviary!

Nature has come inside at Greenview Place, providing a cold weather respite for our neighborhood. During the long winter season, it is wonderful for our residents and staff to share the joys of flora and fauna, up close and personal.

We are very fortunate to have recently acquired a beautiful, free-flight aviary, with eleven resident birds that provide many interesting moments for all who stop to visit. We have many friends who like to spend time observing the behavior of the birds and speculating on when eleven will become more. To date we have not had any babies, but we feel this will come soon and we are all very excited.

Our resident bird population consists of finches and doves.  We have Diamond doves from Australia, which are special because they represent the world’s smallest doves, while our finch friends are from the Society, Star and Zebra categories.  See how much we are learning!  Daily bath and feeding times are posted, and those have become a part of our activities. 

We invite you to stop by and see this unique display of nature that we’re able to enjoy every day.

PS – we’ll keep you posted regarding the arrival of our first “baby bird.” Maybe it will be soon!

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