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As the date of my son’s first communion is approaching, I can’t help but think about traditions. I would venture a guests that all families have their own traditions. Within our society there are subcultures with their own traditions.

Angelo_Gemmi_rosette_3Traditions bring one in touch with an element of life to be experienced or celebrated. Traditions bond a group of people together creating lasting connections.

I see traditions being established here at Greenview Place as we are in the fifth year as a Supportive Living community. We’re creating events and happenings that connect our residents and staff together, making them a family.

Some of the wonderful events that have been held each year are the luau held every summer, which is a BIG hit with our residents. Hawaiian dancers, food and fun make it a most memorable summer afternoon. Our hugely popular Senior Health Fair occurs each September, and we welcome the public to the property. The Fair showcases Greenview at its finest, and gives an opportunit for residents and visitors alike to meet and talk to vendors who serve the senior living community. Rounding off the list is our fabulous Anniversary Party on tap in November. We celebrate the exciting day we first opened our doors in 2009.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to be a part of one of our Traditions! Stop by and give us a try.


Families – visit us as often as you can!

One of my grandmothers spent the last few years of her life in a nursing home because it was impossible for my family to provide her with the care she needed. We struggled with how best to care for her, and it was a very difficult for us to come to the decision to move her.

SKMBT_C28414012010471One occasion when I visited my grandmother in the nursing home is branded in my memory. I was leaving the building, and I started to cry as I reached my car. The sadness of my grandmother’s fragility overwhelmed me, and I grieved that she could no longer live at home.

It was in that sadness though that I realized that despite how hard it was for me to see her like that, I couldn’t abandon her. She needed me then more than ever.

At Greenview Place, we have many families who are involved with the lives of their loved ones. As someone who is on staff here, I appreciate every family member who is a part of our residents’ lives.  I know it’s not easy to see a loved one in a frail condition or living in a community instead of at home, but it means so much when family and friends visit.

Believe me.

God bless you!

A Drving Force

Last month, Greenview Place reached an amazing milestone for supportive living facilities – we reached 100% occupancy.  This was an extremely difficult task, but we did not waiver from our goal.  tango_face_smile_big

It was quite an accomplishment for all of us on the team here at Greenview Place – and this has meant a lot to me, as I have been here at Greenview since we opened the doors in November, 2009.

Imagine – we’re four years old!

DSC_0247I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Rebecca Drennan, our Marketing and Leasing Director.  She has been here with me since day one, and I believe it is her drive, her effort, and her hard work that has contributed greatly to reaching 100% occupancy. I have had the honor to stand beside her while she leased up the building and has continued to keep the occupancy rate consistently above 95%.

In addition to my recognition, she has been honored to receive the Top Hat Award from the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

We are so proud to have Becky – and I am so glad to be part of a great group of people here at Greenview. You should stop by and meet the crew, see what it’s like at this very special place.

Keep on the sunny side

I was going to blog about the irony of life.

tango_face_glassesI wanted to write about how it seems that we gain wisdom AFTER different (and difficult) life events happen to us. You know, those events where we are in desperate need of that wisdom; times in life where if only we’d acquired that knowledge and experience sooner, we’d make different choices – choices that would send our lives in different directions.

But that is the irony of life: going through those life events gives us the wisdom. Grrr! Senior Woman Blowing Kisses

I changed my mind when one of my colleagues commented that this is a pretty depressing topic. *grin* 

So it brings me to a new thought. A much happier one!

Now I remind myself to be grateful for the moments that I find myself in and to focus on the positive in each situation rather than the negative.  I might find it difficult at times – no question about that. But darned if it doesn’t lift my spirit.

Try it!

Really, you can trust me… whaaat?

Last month, the Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group (CHUG) conducted an evacuation training with our management team. It was NOT at all what I’d expected. And then some. IMAG1525

CHUG was created to bring together senior housing providers who can help each other in emergency situations. CHUG connects us to each other, so that we can reach out to other senior facilities if for example we have an extended power outage, or a natural disaster occurs – anything that might trigger an evacuation of some or all of our residents. Like boy scouts, we want to be prepared.

MP900309259The CHUG representatives covered a lot of vital and important information on training day. In addition to the classroom session, the coordinator brought some equipment so we could practice the skills he was teaching us. Here’s where the fun began! photo (6)

Our own Carla and Sherry trusted our team enough to allow us to move them down the stairwell while being strapped to the equipment.

Talk about having trust in people!

They both survived, and we have pictures to prove it!

New Year, New Goals

MP900387781A new year is always a good time to set some new goals and make some needed changes in our lives. A new year makes me think of all the possibilities that are available in life; and I’m reminded that nothing is impossible.  But then the year goes on, and the routine of the everyday takes over with its challenges and demands. Before long, any of the possibilities and goals are forgotten.

Last year, I accomplished a HUGE goal that I had set for 2011 – but didn’t follow through with until 2012. I participated in a triathlon! I was disappointed in myself when I didn’t reach that goal in 2011, but then I decided to strive to complete that goal the following year. It was amazing; so worth all the hard work. MP900386800

I now know the importance of having a goal to work toward. When the everyday challenges and demands were too overwhelming, I would switch my focus to training for the triathlon.  This experience has taught me how valuable goals are and can be in my life. They give me focus, and keep life’s possibilities open to me – and, perhaps more importantly, show me my desires are attainable.

Hopefully, with the new year and the cold settling around us, each of you will find some time to focus your minds on your goals. Sit down with a cup of hot chocolate, dream a little dream, and then create an action plan for this year. YOUR year.


Escape from the Everyday

Hobbies are a great escape from the everyday life. You’ve got some, right? We have several!

In the Pursuit of Happiness Activity Center here at Greenview Place, there are always a couple of puzzles being solved. Folks are crafting, sewing, playing Wii bowling and more.  

Other hobbies that are a good break from the everyday rituals are card playing, walking, participating in sports, and reading books.  Playing sports and reading books are two of my favorite hobbies.

I have recently started a puzzle of my own at home and plan to start taking some sewing lessons.  As the colder weather approaches, now is a good time to start a new hobby or pick up one that you haven’t done for a while.

It will help chase away boredom, or be an escape for a few moments of the day.  Come to Greenview Place and help us with our puzzles!

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