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Will It Ever End?

I don’t know about you, but everyone at Greenview Place is tired of hearing about “a polar vortex” and, more importantly, experiencing it. We all have cabin fever! We have been cooped up so long it almost feels like there is no end to this weather assault.

But each time I approach Greenview Place, I revisit the words of wisdom from Samuel Ullman etched by our front door.


Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years.  We grow old by deserting our ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.  

(And check out the yucky, dirty snow that just won’t go away!) sunny

Understanding those words of wisdom, I know that a snow storm, while a challenge, should be experienced as an adventure. We need to be able to take pride in our ability to persevere and enjoy nature in all its forms. The same way aging can drain our reservoir of enthusiasm for new and challenging experiences, endless snow and cold can eat away at our positive outlook.

Wrinkles and all – we are on the wonderful adventure of life.  So let’s pick ourselves up, snow-brush ourselves off and get in touch with our ideals, enjoy our journey and reconnect with our spirit.

Spring is not far away.


A Season of Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to share what makes me thankful to be a part of Greenview PlaceGP3

Sherry’s List of Love

Every morning I enjoy walking into such a beautiful building.

I am grateful to be a part of a team that serves our special population. I am thankful for Supportive Living Facilities that allow people to maintain independence while getting assistance.

Holiday MealI love walking into the dining room during mealtime and saying hello to the residents and being a part of the community that they create at Greenview Place. 

I am grateful to the families and friends who allow us to share in the care of their loved ones and the volunteers who give their time and energy to make the life of another richer. 

My gratitude also goes to my fellow service workers who assist in so many ways to make certain our residents have the care and attention they deserve. 

Finally, I am thankful that each and every one of us is granted another day on Planet Earth. 

Gardens speak to the soul

IMG_0048Spring is such a wonderful time to watch the earth wake up from a long and well deserved sleep. It is a time to clean up, paint up and fix up all the areas that winter laid its mark upon. It’s no different here at Greenview Place; we’re out raking, pulling young weeds and encouraging our perennials to “stand up and be counted.” Our planters will soon be brimming with color and waiting to welcome you to our door and our terraces will be providing a lush environment for everyone basking in the outdoors to enjoy.

It’s well known that we’re energized and completed when we’re able to get in touch with nature. Too often, though, that connection is difficult to achieve in our urban environment. Still, there are many ways to strengthen our bond with nature and move forward to better understand our place in the universe. photo

Along with energizing walks and increased attention to the intricacies of life around us, including the flowers and plants we encounter along the way, we can engage in the fine art of gardening. It’s fascinating to watch small seeds become beautiful flowers or tempting fruits and vegetables.  It’s common in our educational system to teach the lesson of life to our young children with a small cup, seeds and a little potting soil. With great intent and curiosity the children watch the cycle of life begin as the small seedling emerges from the seed pod, breaks through the soil and transforms into its destiny.

IMG_0045As adults living our busy lifestyles, we have a tendency to lose sight of this important process of nature.

No matter how many years we measure as our time in this space, we can all benefit from getting back in touch with the basics of life. So I challenge you to engage in nature’s great replenishment cycle! Put on your gardening gloves, dig in that rich earth and bring forth beauty in the plants you choose. You will be surprised at how peaceful are the minutes and hours spent in your garden, or with your pots or window boxes.

Good gardening!

Yo! Samson is in the house!

A visit from an old friend or a loved one puts a smile on everyone’s face. It gets even better if that visitor is deliriously happy to see you and shows it by a big kiss, (maybe followed up by a slobbering lick!), an enthusiastically delivered hug and a gaze with adoring eyes. That is just what we experience when Samson comes to visit.

For those of you who are not familar with Samson, he is the Greenview Black Labrador mascot who spent his growing up year with us. He now lives across the street with Pastor Dave at Saint Luke Church, because he was lonely for his papa and Pastor was missing his canine buddy, too!

Samson originally came to Greenview Place as a rescue dog from the Anti-Cruelty Society; he was kind of a Christmas present to all of us from Pastor Dave!

He entered a new world with many people and so many approaches to training. As Samson grew, it became increasingly apparent that to make his world complete and wonderful he needed one person to guide him and a home to go to at night after a long day of taking care of his human friends. And being a young dog, Samson required much more intense physical activity than he was receiving. Lots of running! Pastor Dave stepped in and gave him all the things he needed to make his life complete.

Now Samson has the best of both worlds; he has his home with all its comforts and his special person, Pastor Dave, and he comes to visit his friends at Greenview Place and spread his own brand of comfort and cheer. And that is certainly a huge benny for all of us over here.

We will keep you updated on Samson and, if you are lucky, you might be at Greenview Place when he visits.

PROMO TIME again – this time it’s really big!

Hey, it’s time to congratulate Wendy Monroy. She’s performed so well, is so efficient and competent as our weekday receptionist that she’s been kicked upstairs. Or, er, inside. Whatever.

Our residents have had only good things to say about Wendy and how she has helped them and enthusiastically made friends with all who come and go at Greenview Place. But now she’ll be tucked away inside the Bat Cave, where all the big thinking goes on. Wendy’s been promoted  to Management Assistant, and I’m darned lucky to have her!

Thank you, Wendy for all your hard work –  and good luck in your new position! 

We are also welcoming Brandi Picou, who follows in Wendy’s footsteps as our new Receptionist. In the little time Brandi has been with us we have already grown to love her warm smile and excellent customer service skills. Brandi comes to us with excellent skills and a compassionate approach to her work.  Our residents remain in good hands!

We invite you to add your congratulations and welcome to Wendy and Brandi as they help to make living, working and visiting Greenview Place a positive memorable experience for everyone.

The Greenview Place Team is on the move!

Oh, yeah! We’re doing the happy dance! We get to announce promotions for the team. Woohoo! 

Jamie Basso, our  compliance guru, is moving into the position of Compliance Director.  Jamie will have added supervisory responsibilities as well as direct responsibility for all of our  compliance work.  BIG job, let me tell you! Jamie has wrangled the regs from day one, and she deserves this recognition.

Rebecca Drennan has moved to the position of Marketing and Leasing Director.  Becky will continue her very successful efforts to maintain Greenview at full capacity. Nobody works harder than Becky, and she is the leasing champ. Go girl!

Carla Estes has moved to the position of Compliance Officer, where she’ll keep us on track with paperwork, regulations and more. Carla’s done a huge amount since she’s joined us, so this is well deserved.

Oh, and we have NEW peeps on the team. Yippee!

Adam Davila is coming on board to join us as a Maintenance Specialist.  Bringing Adam on allows us to breathe a sigh of relief and to have seven day per week coverage in the maintenance area.  It is good to have Adam on our team. We know Bill and Gabriel are REALLY happy.

Jeanette Mohlman has joined us as the weekend Receptionist, replacing Linda Wyatt. Linda has headed for a well-deserved semi-retirement in Hawaii. Aloha! Linda will be greatly missed, and everyone is looking forward to working with Jennifer.

Our team is growing in numbers and experience.  We remain committed to creating and maintaining a friendly, helpful and  accommodating atmosphere, where lives can be lived to the fullest.

So stop on by and wish everyone well – we look forward to introducing you.

Some like it hot – what’s wrong with them?

Chicago can certainly produce some interesting and challenging weather.  Temperatures in the 90’s and rising bring out the best and, as we know, the worst  in some of us.  To lessen the negative effects of the heat and prevent more serious problems, here at Greenview, we have our list of things that will help.

  • Drink fluids – water is best (don’t substitute carbonated or caffienated beverages for water)
  • Wear loose and light  clothing
  • Use fans or air conditioning to cool down
  • Keep your blinds closed during the heat of the day
  • Don’t over exert; try to limit exercise and outside work to the early morning or late evening hours
  • Learn and watch for the signs of heat exhaustion:  profuse sweating, weakness, muscle cramps, headache and nausea/vomiting (if you experience symptoms like these, seek help quickly)
  • Cool down with a lukewarm shower/bath  

Stay cool, calm and collected and remember it won’t be long until the snow is back!

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