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Three Years of Opening Doors!

Can you believe it? We’ve been opening the door to a new way of living for Chicago seniors for THREE YEARS. Hurray!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERATo celebrate this momentous date, we threw a fun and fabulous mariachi dance party here in the Pursuit of Happiness Activity Center. Our dear friend and partner, Pastor Dave Abrahamson, from Saint Luke Church, gave us blessings galore to start off the night. He’s so much fun! Olé!

We had a big group of happy people swinging and swaying. Plenty of our residents, with their guests and family members, and a good amount of our team members joined in celebrating THREE years of opening the door to a new way of living. Check out the fun right here! SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

We’ve been blessed by so many wonderful people who’ve come to live and work at Greenview Place, making it special, different – wonderful. Just ask anyone when you walk through our halls.

For last year’s anniversary, we rolled out the red carpet, literally, with a big Hollywood-style premiere of our movie. But this year, oh yeah, this year we brought Mexico in the house. ay yay yay!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABrightly-colored decorations, lanterns and a huge piñata decorated the Activity Center. Oh, and don’t forget the margaritas… oh, no, can’t forget those.

Our marvelous mariachi band played, and we all celebrated by dancing the night away.

We just couldn’t sit still!


Gingerbread Houses and Santa Claus, oh my!

gingerbread House2Oh, this was the place to be at Christmastime – no doubt about it. You think it was happening around your house? You should have been here; gingerbread houses, Santa visits, and more!

Did you ever make a gingerbread house? Isn’t it fun? Talking, laughing – oh, and baking. Lots of memories and stories were told as we baked and decorated our house.  Even some of our team got involved!  Cookies, candies and all sorts of yummies covered the house.  It took us a week to bake and create our house, but only a few days to eat it. *smile* Santa Ed and Edna

The jolly red-suited guy stopped by on Christmas Eve, and made the night for many of our residents. You can see him laughing and hamming it up for the camera with a couple of our friends.

We put him to work handing out homemade goodies from Chef Ruth’s kitchen – fresh bread made with love by our crack cooking team. Hard to beat homemade bread on Christmas, right?

If you want to have fun, make new friends and celebrate the holidays in a big way, come on out to Greenview and see how the other half lives!

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