Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

CAM02690With the polar vortex far behind us and an unusually late start to the summer, we are enjoying the outdoors while we can! 

In addition to our regularly scheduled shopping trips, we took an afternoon to soak in the sunshine with the adorable and amazing animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo The weather was beautiful, and the animals were out in full force, taking in some rays.

We got very lucky and arrived just in time to see the seal show! Watching the trainers feed the happy seals as they splashed around the rocks and ate fish was a real treat. We were even a little jealous that they were enjoying the water on such a warm day!  CAM02697

After that, it was off to see the big cats. They were all lounging around on the rocks, beautiful and powerful as they slept the afternoon away. Next, we visited the small animal house. It was a hoot! We saw the cutest little meerkats, naked mole rats, and tiny tarsiers, jumping tree to tree in the dark. Sharing the same house were snakes, lizards and toads of all types.

CAM02695We wandered and saw the flamingos and gazed at the apes. It was almost as if we were kids again and were spending the day at camp! 

By the end of the trip we were all hot, tired, and ready for a nap. *grins*

Residents will need to rest up as we prepare for the next round of the activities planned for this summer. We are ready to take advantage of all the good weather the city has to offer!


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