SLF Week is Coming

As hard to believe as it seems now, in just a few weeks, spring will be upon us.

One of the most exciting things about spring at Greenview Place is that it brings Supportive Living Week!  This is the special week set aside every year to celebrate and bring attention to the benefits of supportive living in Illinois.  Now in its seventh year under the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition, the theme for this year’s festivities is It’s a Wonderful Life. Women taking a picture of themselves

As part of our celebration here, Greenview will be hosting various activities the week of April 21 through the 25 with bowling tournaments, games, movie marathons and an open house celebration. As a part of the theme, we are collecting pictures of our residents from the past, to serve as our “then” pictures. We will also be doing makeovers, and taking “now” photos for a fun picture compilation. We think staff, residents, family and guests will get a kick out of seeing how the old and new pictures stack up!

Man FilmingIf you have a family member here and wish to send us a picture for the project, we would love to include it. Maybe you have a fantastic wedding photo, or a picture from a special birthday celebration? Did your family take a vacation and someone snapped a great moment? Or perhaps you just have a favorite snapshot captured at home.

Any style is welcome, so long as it features a Greenview Place community member living a wonderful life! Pictures are requested by March tenth for inclusion in the project.

Let the memories begin.


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